Milford, INDIANA

Your solution for success

Trupointe Cooperative is proud to join the Milford, Indiana community,
building a full-service agricultural fertilizer hub. We are only truly
successful when we provide solutions that help your operation succeed.
That’s why our facility was designed with you in mind.
  1. Resources

    We aligned logistics so you have access to the global marketplace. Our state-of-the-art facility at the intersection of two key railway lines, paired with our unique approach to service, staff expertise and nationally ranked product partners, will provide you will fresh opportunities and a progressive path for your operation.

  2. Accuracy

    Product is weighed and blended electronically to precise measurements with each tailored to exactly what your field needs.  Liquid mixing occurs on our lot—not in your field—ensuring you’ll get the right product, right amount every time.


  3. Innovation

    Automated bays with the latest technology offer quick load-out capabilities so you can get back to doing what you do best. Product is readily available when and where you need it. Our facility is centered around innovation and efficiency so you spend more time on your operation, less at ours.


  4. Your Solution

    We understand the importance of agriculture and your role in helping supply food for a growing population. With a hub designed for efficiency, accommodation and global opportunity, let Trupointe be your unique solution for success. To get started, call us at 574.658.3327.